Kiss frontman Paul Stanley has responded to the latest American mass shooting outrage by calling for action.

Seven people died and 24 were injured in Midland and Odessa, Texas, before the alleged perpetrator was killed in a parking lot on Saturday. He'd been armed with an assault rifle. It was the second such event in Texas in a month – 22 people were killed in El Paso in early August. To date there have been 283 mass shootings in the United States during 2019 – an average of more than one a day. CBS reported that official figures say a total of 37,662 shooting incidents have taken place in 2019, resulting in 9,932 deaths and 19,868 injuries.

President Donald Trump described the shooter as “another very sick person,” adding: “I just want to thank everybody involved… but it was extremely bad. A very, very sad situation.” He said a “package” of legislation was being prepared in response to the shooting issue but did not provide any details.

“We don’t have more ‘crazy’ or ‘mentally unstable’ people in the U.S.,” Stanley tweeted following the Odessa fatalities. “What we DO have are commonplace mass shootings with automatic and semi-automatic high powered firearms. THAT cannot be disputed. Tell me what we and our government must do. Prayers and sympathy are not enough.”

In a follow-up message he said that he didn't "know the answer" himself and was looking for the opinions of others. Apparently responding to comments that had been made on his previous post, he continued: "Anyone who thinks I should 'stay in my lane' should leave now. This is MY house. If you DO have opinions why shouldn’t I? In this case I will leave up some of those dopey comments for your enjoyment. Not again."


"The state of Texas and the Department of Public Safety are working closely with local law enforcement to provide resources as needed and deliver justice for this heinous attack," Governor Gregg Abbott said. "We will not allow the Lone Star State to be overrun by hatred and violence. We will unite, as Texans always do, to respond to this tragedy."


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