It's been a busy year for Paul Rodgers. He's currently finishing up a five-week tour fronting Bad Company on a co-headlining tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd, both of whom are celebrating their 40th anniversary. And in a new interview, he reveals that he's working on two new albums.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for Rodgers, the first is a collection of soul covers recorded in one of that genre's most famous homes. "I’ve just been down to Memphis and recorded some soul tracks at the Royal Studio with Al Green’s band," he told Glide. "It was fantastic. Talk about organic, we just put track after track down without hardly any rehearsal at all and it was just so cool."

Rodgers, who now holds dual citizenship between Canada and his native Great Britain, says that the album should be out this year. In addition, the man known simply as "The Voice" has been working on new material with the hopes of a release in 2014.

"I’m working with a friend of mine called Perry Margouleff on writing songs and recording a new album," he continues. "And he has an analog studio, speaking of the old school of doing things, and we’re going to be putting an album together."

Elsewhere in the interview, Rodgers discusses, among other things, his work in Free, the Firm and the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival.