Paul McCartney's ongoing reissue campaign, which has already treated fans to expanded editions of his 'McCartney,' 'McCartney II,' and 'Ram' albums, as well as Wings' 'Band on the Run,' is set to continue with his 1976 live release 'Wings Over America.'

Vintage Vinyl News offers the breakdown on what fans can expect from McCartney's latest Archives release, which -- like the others -- will be available in a variety of configurations (and differing price levels). Although the specifics have yet to be confirmed, it seems likely that 'Wings Over America' will see reissue in a 2-CD "standard edition," 2-CD/1 DVD "deluxe edition," three-LP vinyl edition, and a pair of digital editions, one of which will reportedly come in Dolby's TrueHD lossless format.

According to VVN's report, culled from Billboard, the deluxe edition's third disc will offer an additional eight tracks recorded during the tour's San Francisco stop, in addition to an assortment of extra goodies that includes 80 pages of drawings by Humphrey Ocean, 60 pages of exclusive photos from the diary of the tour by Linda McCartney, a 136-page tour anthology, and a DVD featuring the 75-minute 'Wings Over The World' documentary. Complete details for the release, due at the end of May, are listed below.

Paul McCartney Archive Edition 'Wings Over America' track listing
Disc One
1. 'Venus And Mars' / 'Rock Show' / 'Jet'
2. 'Let Me Roll It'
3. 'Spirits of Ancient Egypt'
4. 'Medicine Jar'
5. 'Maybe I’m Amazed'
6. 'Call Me Back Again'
7. 'Lady Madonna'
8. 'The Long and Winding Road'
9. 'Live and Let Die'
10. 'Picasso’s Last Words'
11. 'Richard Cory'
12. 'Bluebird'
13. 'I’ve Just Seen a Face'
14. 'Blackbird'
15. 'Yesterday'

Disc Two
1. 'You Gave Me the Answer'
2. 'Magneto and Titanium Man'
3. 'Go Now'
4. 'My Love'
5. 'Listen to What the Man Said'
6. 'Let ‘Em In'
7. 'Time to Hide'
8. 'Silly Love Songs'
9. 'Beware My Love'
10. 'Letting Go'
11. 'Band on the Run'
12. 'Hi Hi Hi'
13. 'Soily'

Disc Three
1. 'Let Me Roll It'
2. 'Maybe I’m Amazed'
3. 'Lady Madonna'
4. 'Live and Let Die'
5. 'Picasso’s Last Words'
6. 'Bluebird'
7. 'Blackbird'
8. 'Yesterday'