Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno will give his last-ever performance when he closes out the Beermageddon Festival in Bromsgrove, England, on Aug. 30.

To mark the occasion, he's put together a band called the Ides of March, named after the opening track on the 1981 Iron Maiden album Killers, that consists of a trio of former members of the band: guitarists Terry Rance and Terry Wapram and drummer Doug Sampson. All had left the group by the time of its self-titled full-length debut in 1980, though Sampson appeared on the 1979 Soundhouse Tapes EP. Bass chores will be handled by Speed Harris from the Hi-On Maiden tribute band.

A press release, reprinted by Brave Words, noted that Di'Anno's retirement comes on the advice of doctors following a stretch of health problems, including a pair of cancer battles and an abscess on his lung.

"It's been a tough four years waiting to play again," he said. "I hope to be standing for this show, and I'm really looking forward to it. Standing up would be great -- if not, hell on wheels coming to ya!"

"Really looking forward to working with these guys," Wapram added. "Our paths have crossed many times, but we never played together. Should be a killer lineup and a very special night."

Di'Anno was fired in September 1981, reportedly because Maiden bassist and leader Steve Harris was unhappy with his singing amid allegations of drug abuse. Di'Anno claimed in 2013 it was his decision to leave. "I left Iron Maiden because they were going too heavy metal," he said.

"Iron Maiden is a money-making machine, and I don’t give a fuck about it. It was not about drugs. It was nothing like that. But you need to take drugs when you’re with Iron Maiden because they’re so fucking boring. And the only drugs were aspirin, because Steve -- fuckin’ headache."


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