Ozzy Osbourne confirms that he's "about seven songs" into a new solo project, though it remains unclear when the album might arrive.

"One's called 'Mr. Armageddon'; one's called 'Crack Cocaine'," Osbourne tells Full Metal Jackie of KLOS-FM's Whiplash (via Blabbermouth). "I've got a bunch of songs written – but you don't sell records anymore. [It's] not cost effective to make a record. I haven't really thought about it, because I've been doing the Black Sabbath thing."

They concluded a farewell tour with a pair of shows this past February at Genting Arena in the band's hometown of Birmingham, England. Material from those concerts was then compiled for a film directed by Dick Carruthers. Now titled The End, the movie has already been presented in a one-night-only screening nationwide, and will be released in audio and video formats on Nov. 17.

Osbourne says the transition back to solo work has been seamless, principally because this isn't his first exit from Black Sabbath. The difference this time, he adds, is that their rekindled childhood friendship is still in tact.

"I mean, it's kind of like a fairy tale come true, how I got started off [with] an interest in music when I first heard the Beatles – and I wanted to be a Beatle, you know," Osbourne says. "So, I went to school with Tony [Iommi], same school as Tony. I was in a band with Geezer [Butler]. It was just one of those things – rags to riches, our lives were forever changed. It was like we ended the Sabbath thing in Birmingham, where we started in England, and it was a very emotional time for me, 'cause we had gone full circle."

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