Ozzy Osbourne and his son Jack will return with the second season of their TV show Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour on Nov. 8.

The A&E show is based on the premise that young Jack missed out on quality time with his father, who was often away on tour with Black Sabbath or his solo band. So they remedy the situation by travelling to places of historical interest together so they can both learn more about the world they live in – and themselves.

“I’m so excited to be back for a second season, because it means my dad didn’t kill me or cause too much destruction last season," said Jack, who's an executive producer of the show. "But you never know what will happen this time around!”

The first season, which premiered last year, saw Ozzy returning to the Alamo for the first time since drunken antics that got him arrested there in 1982. After the episode aired, a new scene revealed that the singer had been worried about showing his face at the famous Texas landmark. “People have memories,” he said. “They’re going to remember the press about when I urinated there. I don’t really feel keen on going there.” When Jack asked him about the worst that could happen, Ozzy replied, “Get shot, killed, beaten up.” Miming a painful death he added, “Tell your mum I love her!”

While promoting the first season, Jack revealed that his father nearly choked to death on a vitamin pill during shooting, and that he’d once sent a text message to Robert Plant saying that he couldn’t find the Osbourne family cat.

Ozzy has returned to his solo career after Black Sabbath completed The End world tour in February. He’s also been rebuilding his relationship with wife Sharon since he was caught having an affair last year. Sharon later revealed he had been spending time with six different women.

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