You can add "daily vitamin" to the growing list of things that have almost killed Ozzy Osbourne over the years.

“He was lying down on the couch, took a handful of vitamins and then he coughed," Ozzy's son Jack Osbourne told HuffPostUK. "The pill shot into his lung, and we had to get him into hospital to get it removed. It was a bit of a shock.”

Thankfully, doctors at the hospital were able to dislodge the pill, and the elder Osbourne continued to shoot the father-and-son travelogue show, Ozzy and Jack's World Detour, currently airing on the History Channel.

Osbourne's battles with addiction – both with drugs and, more recently, sex – have been widely reported. But he's also struggled with every-day mishaps, among them a 2013 house fire where he suffered burns and a 2003 four-wheeler accident that nearly killed him. Osbourne also suffers from Parkinson's Disease-like tremors.

Ozzy and wife Sharon split up over the summer, after she claimed he cheated on her with five women in five countries, but they have since reconciled. “It’s tough, you know, when you’re an addict,” Sharon told Conan O'Brien. “He likes too much alcohol, he likes too much drugs, he likes too much sex, he likes too much food."

Jack Osbourne is living with multiple sclerosis, after being diagnosed in 2012 – but he says that hasn't presented as many problems as managing Ozzy's diet. "He’s always dieting, and this time around, it was nuts and berries – which meant he always had low energy," Jack told HuffPostUK. "So, I had to make sure we were always near an emergency burger and coffee, if I wanted to keep production going.”

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