Ozzy Osbourne's latest reality series took him back to the scene of one of his most infamous bursts of bad behavior — but it took a lot of persuasion to convince him to return.

Osbourne's unwilling trip down memory lane came courtesy of his new History Channel travel show, Ozzy & Jack's World Detour, in which the Black Sabbath singer and his son Jack travel to various landmarks. When the younger Osbourne said he wanted to visit the Alamo, Ozzy had extreme reservations — stemming, as fans will no doubt recall, from the 1982 incident in which he drunkenly urinated on the grounds.

As previously reported, the Osbournes did ultimately make the trip to the Alamo, and Ozzy used it as an opportunity to publicly apologize for his conduct — and he drew a big crowd when he got there, too. But having already served a 10-year ban from performing in the area, he was initially very reluctant to return.

"People have memories," he explains in the clip embedded above. "They’re going to remember the press about when I urinated there. I don’t really feel keen on going there."

Jack, playing devil's advocate, responded by asking Ozzy what was the worst that could happen — and his father had a quick response. "Get shot, killed, beaten up!" he retorted, miming a painful death and quipping, "Tell your mum I love her."

Sensing Ozzy's obvious guilt over the incident, Jack then suggested they could use the trip as a way to finally "bury the hatchet" — and that's ultimately what ended up happening. But not before Ozzy offered another grim prediction, saying the locals would bury it "in the back of my head."

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