Nine Inch Nails have released a live video featuring a cover of Gary Numan track “Metal,” with Numan appearing as a guest in the clip. You can watch it below.

The video was shot during the band’s brief residency in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, last month, which kicked off their Cold And Infinite And Black tour.

NIN frontman Trent Reznor recently revealed that he’d abandoned his career-long “arms race” of delivering immersive concert experiences after realizing that much of what he was taking onto the stage had been replicated by other acts.

“Every band has a video playing behind them and every band is synced up with a convenient, polite lighting package,” he said. “And I thought, what would be exciting to me is just to see, when I think back to the Cure or the Jesus and Mary Chain … all I remember of that was smoke, maybe a color, a little bit of someone’s hair and real, real loud guitars. That’s exciting, and I don’t see that happening much.

“So we went the opposite of the arms race we had been in of immersive, technological-based production," he continued, "and went for ‘it’s music being played somewhat sloppily, with an element of danger and uncertainty and unpredictability.’ And we mean it, and we’re sweating, and it hurts onstage at times. It worked. So that became a template for what we’re doing now.”

NIN released Bad Witch, the third in a trilogy of titles, last month. They’re currently touring Europe, with dates to follow in Asia and North America.


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