Nazareth vocalist Dan McCafferty reveals that it wasn't a lack of new material that kept the band from making new albums in recent years, but instead, age discrimination from the record labels that had previously been prime targets to put out new music from the group.

The new material from the Scottish hard rock group has been well received by fans, and MusicTap noted in their review of 2011's 'Big Dogz' that “Nazareth can still satisfy a classic itch.”

In an interview with Classic Rock Revisited, McCafferty talks about the band's spurt of productivity, having released this year's 'Big Dogz,' which was preceded by 'The Newz' in 2008.

“We kept writing songs before 'The Newz,' but we never really recorded them," McCafferty says. "The record companies kept telling us that we were too old to make a record. It was all very negative. We decided that was not the case, so we went in and did 'The Newz,' which really, really pleased us.”

The band recorded the new album in “a big old studio,” where McCafferty says that they were able to capture “great ambient sounds.” He adds that the bulk of the material was recorded live in the studio.

He says that he's pleased with the legacy of Nazareth and that fans tell him a lot how much their classic hit 'Hair of the Dog' means to them. McCafferty examines the reasons for their success and says “we never really tried to dial our sound into a certain taste.”

Nazareth will continue to record and tour, because as McCafferty quips, “we're too old and ugly to do anything else.” The band is touring Canada this summer; click here to see Nazareth's full itinerary.

Watch Nazareth Perform 'Hair of the Dog.'

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