In September of 2013, Nazareth lead singer, Dan McCafferty announced his retirement due to health issues. Now, they are set to release what may well be their last effort with him, 'Rock 'n' Roll Telephone,' on June 3.

The album, recorded and mixed last year, is being called a return to form for the long-running hard rockers. "This is different, but it's still Nazareth," said bassist Pete Agnew in a press release for the album. "We can play different kinds of music, and still be us. We're not spotted for being a one type of music band, you know." Over their 45-year career, they have released 23 studio albums, peaking commercially with 1975's 'Hair Of The Dog.'

Despite battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, McCafferty sounds in great form here, and as he mentioned at the time of his retirement announcement, it's the cycle of touring that he can no longer deal with, adding, "I could always make another record.”

'Rock 'n' Roll Telephone' features 11 new songs and will be available as a CD, double-LP and digital download. A deluxe edition -- a two-disc set that includes two additional studio recordings and five live tracks -- will also be available.

'Rock 'n' Roll Telephone' Track Listing

Disc 1

'Boom Bang Bang'
'One Set of Bones'
'Back 2B4'
'Winter Sunlight'
'Rock 'n' Roll Telephone'
'Punch a Hole in the Sky'
'Long Long Time'
'The Right Time'
'Not Today'
'God of the Mountain'

Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc 2

'Just A Ride'
'Wanna Feel Good? (Live)'
'Big Boy'
'Kentucky Fried Blues'
'Expect No Mercy'
'God Save the South'

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