Developing a working knowledge of rock's greatest records is fun and easy. Learning about the albums no one likes, on the other hand, can be pretty painful. Fortunately, your friends here at Ultimate Classic Rock are here to help you fill in the gaps — and you don't even have to listen to a single misguided note.

In this installment of You Think You Know Classic Rock?, we take a look back at some of the most universally reviled releases from some of music's biggest stars. Not even the mighty Bob Dylan is beyond reproach; in fact, we start things off by reliving one of the harshest reviews of his 1970 release, the much-maligned Self Portrait.

Of course, Dylan already had plenty of positive reviews to outweigh the stinging notices he received for Self Portrait, and he's racked up countless more thumbs-up during the decades since. Some of rock's most popular acts have never had that luxury, however — like Kiss, for instance, who followed 1980's Unmasked with one of the most infamous duds of all time. What's the name of the album, and what did the critics have to say? You'll find out right here in this video.

Sometimes, you can pretty much tell when critics are going to heap scorn on something, and that was definitely the case with one short-lived '80s supergroup that brought together guitarists from two of prog's most successful bands, inspiring one of the most cruelly succinct reviews ever published by a mainstream music magazine — which we definitely discuss here.

But then there are the artists who get together for unexpected collaborations that seem like they might be just crazy enough to work, and it's that much more painful when the results turn out to be far less entertaining than expected. For example, there's the infamous union between one legendary New York rock poet and the Bay Area metal veterans who joined him in the studio for what might be the loudest — and most viciously reviewed — bombs in recent memory.

Who were the artists responsible for these hated albums? Check out this installment of You Think You Know Classic Rock? to find out, and remember — we listened so you didn't have to.

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