You Think You Know Classic Rock?

You Think You Know Robert Plant?
In this edition of You Think You Know Classic Rock?, we make intriguing connections, uncover key inspirations and reveal a strange backstage request by former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant.
You Think You Know Queen?
You're familiar with Queen as that brilliantly bombastic crew that melded operatic pomp and hard rock. But did you know they could have had completely different careers?
You Think You Know Aerosmith?
Aerosmith have been the focus of so many books, interviews and documentaries over the years that it's easy to assume there's nothing left to learn about the band
You Think You Know Journey?
They brought the world Steve Perry and gave us the courage to play air instruments on camera, and yet there's still so much about Journey that most of us have never bothered to learn.
You Think You Know Damn Yankees?
The latest episode of You Think You Know Classic Rock? takes you inside the turn-of-the-'90s supergroup Damn Yankees, from their formation and quick rise to fame to their current chances of a reunion.

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