Vincent Furnier rose to fame under the stage name of Alice Cooper – but that wasn't his first pseudonym. And he's just as famous for his shocking onstage antics as he is for his love of golf. But Cooper's relationship with sports goes way back ... and way beyond the links.

Find out more in this latest edition of You Think You Know Classic Rock? For instance, there's the news that Cooper once worked as a babysitter. And we're not talking about his pet snake. Instead, it was for a pretty famous person.

The snakes came later, as did some episodes where his alter ego stepped dangerously close to his real life. There was the time he actually wore a straight-jacket during a recording session, and the many in-concert massacres he's endured. You won't believe how many times he says he's returned from the dead.

But there's always been another side to Cooper, who once donated more than $25,000 to help restore one of California's most notable public landmarks and then dedicated it to one of Hollywood's most iconic stars.

And did you know he plays golf with stunning regularity, even on days when you'd think he'd be focused on preparing for his day job? In fact, Cooper always loved sports, as you'll learn in the video. He once set a school record, and we're not talking about for the number of times someone has been beheaded onstage.

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