Lynyrd Skynyrd rose from their shared tragedy, first with a key sibling and a guitarist with an historical connection – and then a group of very famous new friends. In our latest installment of You Think You Know Classic Rock?, we'll also explore the sport that brought them together in the first place.

Lynyrd Skynrd's beginnings weren't at some dingy deep South dive. Gary Rossington, the recently deceased Bob Burns and Ronnie Van Zant actually met at a Little League baseball game. Van Zant had imagined he'd one day become a centerfielder. Watch the video above to find out about the on-field mishap that might have derailed his new band.

We also dig into the origins of their name and why they altered the spelling, and how a former Bob Dylan sideman discovered them at a tiny club in Atlanta and helped launch their career. You'll also learn more about a major inspiration for "Free Bird," their so-called feud with Neil Young and the other classic-rock band that refused to fly in their doomed plane.

Plus, we take a look at how the latter-day lineup, led by Rossington and featuring Ronnie's brother Johnny, came to include former members of some very famous bands, including Damn Yankees and Black Crowes.

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