Sure, you love your favorite bands. But how far would you be willing to go in order to see them in concert? Would you ... sell your beloved 1997 Ford Escort?

That's exactly the question that a Slayer fan named Jake had to answer when it came time to pay for tickets to see the band at the Forum in Los Angeles on Nov. 14, and he decided to part ways with his car -- but instead of taking out any old Craigslist ad, he decided to put together a truly memorable commercial-grade clip that highlights its main selling points ("3 Newish Tires, New Floor Mats, Vintage Forest Green Paint") while spoofing Matthew McConaughey's recent stint as a pitchman for Lincoln.

Jake isn't the only one who thinks the McConaughey commercial is worth mocking -- Jim Carrey made headlines when he did something similar during his guest hosting appearance on the Oct. 25 episode of 'Saturday Night Live' -- but this is far more metal.

Of course, not just anyone can do this. Judging from Jake's e-mail address and the YouTube account used to upload the video, he's got a job with the merit/andrew studio, and they've obviously brought their production and motion graphics expertise to bear on Jake's Slayer dilemma as an admirably savvy way of drumming up some free publicity while helping an officemate rock out. Still, as stunts go, this is pretty cool -- and if you're in the market for a used Escort, you know exactly whom to contact.

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