If you are a heavy metal fan, chances are very good that you are already well acquainted with the classic Slayer song 'Raining Blood.' It is undoubtedly one of the essential heavy metal songs of the last century. But chances are very good that you might have not heard it performed with banjos in place of guitars.

Rob Scallon is the man behind the banjo or, in the case of his previously released cover of Slayer's 'War Ensemble,' the man behind the ukelele. Since posting the latter video to YouTube on May 12, it has already racked up more than one million views. He's also covered 'Spill the Blood' on cello.

And by all accounts, 'Raining Blood' looks like it just might surpass that. In the two days since Scallon posted his latest unique Slayer cover, he has already accumulated almost a half-million views.

Although Scallon's unique approach to his cover selections is undoubtedly playing a big part in pulling in such impressive viewing numbers, you should also note that Scallon certainly knows his way around the ukelele and the banjo. He displays a mastery of both instruments that is impressive to say the least.

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