L.A. Guns have released a swaggering new song titled "You Betray," the first single off their upcoming album Black Diamonds. You can listen to it below.

With its throttling, mid-tempo groove and singer Phil Lewis' high-pitched wails, "You Betray" evokes Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song," which, according to guitarist Tracii Guns, is not a coincidence.

"Our new single comes out tomorrow. It's unique in that Adam Hamilton sent me the drum tracks and asked if I could do something with it," Guns tweeted on Thursday. "I wrote music to the drums and that's a first for me. Has an obvious 'Immigrant Song' rhythm, which is a monster thing. Hope you dig it like we do."

Black Diamonds, which comes out on April 14, marks the fourth consecutive L.A. Guns record to feature both Lewis and Guns since the duo reunited in 2016, following 2017's The Missing Peace, 2019's The Devil You Know and 2021's Checkered Past. You can see the 11-song track listing below.

"Every new record, the idea is like, 'What do I want to hear? What song didn't Zeppelin write that I can write? What song didn't Accept write?' Whatever it is," Guns told UCR in 2021. "And that's more where I draw fun and inspiration from: What would Keith Richards do here? What would Randy Rhoads do? What would John Bonham do here? What would Neil Peart do here? All those kinds of fun puzzle pieces constantly go through my mind when I'm writing the music. And I try to keep it from getting progressive, and I think we maintain that really well."

L.A. Guns, 'Black Diamonds' Track Listing
1. "You Betray"
2. "Wrong About You"
3. "Diamonds"
4. "Babylon"
5. "Shame"
6. "Shattered Glass"
7. "Gonna Lose"
8. "Got it Wrong"
9. "Lowlife"
10. "Crying"
11. "Like a Drug"

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