Couldn't get to Vegas to see Kiss during their 2014 residency — or to a theater to catch a screening of their Kiss Rocks Vegas concert film? No problem: the band will be bringing the movie to your house.

A pay-per-view stream of Kiss Rocks Vegas will be available via cable, satellite, and online services starting June 14. The online stream will be handled by TourGigs, a company chiefly known for selling live video from acts like the String Cheese Incident and Widespread Panic, and arrives in advance of a rumored Kiss Rocks Vegas release on DVD and Blu-ray. For more information and to purchase digital PPV go to or check your local cable provider for more info.

As previously reported, the film's theatrical screening promised "exclusive footage" alongside the expected "sky-high flames, ear-bursting volume and a few drops of blood," and it's presently unknown how the home video version might differ. Whatever this cut contains, the band members promise it represents latter-day Kiss at their best.

"I think it was a great show," said Paul Stanley. "There's a great intensity between us and the audience. That's palpable. To do a show in a venue that small and yet do a show that's that large only made us that much more colossal as figures. The Kiss personas and the Kiss characters are iconic, and the challenge is every time we go out onstage is beyond living up to it is make sure we exceed it, and the residency in Vegas was a perfect opportunity to do that."

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