Kiss will be back in 12-inch and a new 8-inch form, as Figure Toy Company is offering retro Kiss action figures that should remind longtime fans of the ones that were issued by Mego Toys in the late '70s.

The new figures will have rooted hair and cloth clothing. Okay, but what about Paul Stanley's chest hair? Will that be rooted? Will it exist in doll form? This is the first time the dolls -- we mean, action figures -- will be available in the 8-inch form. The 'Love Gun' series will launch first, followed by the 'Sonic Boom' and 'Dressed to Kill' series.

Anthony Balasco, the CEO of Figures Toy Company who never did understand why Mego didn't issue 8-inch versions, said that his company's commitment to Kiss action figures is long-lasting. The first generation of dolls will be retro, but the line will extend beyond that and into more current looks. In a statement, he said, "Our first release will have the retro look from the 1970s, but future releases will cover all time periods in Kiss's almost-40-year musical career from 1973 to 2012."

Additionally, there will be exclusives editions and limited edition versions of Kiss action figures.

If you are a collector dying to get your hands on the 'Love Gun' editions, hit up your local toy store, comic shop or music store in March as that's when they're set to land. They’ll be packaged with a 'Love Gun' album cover in mini replica form and one of four retro mini Kiss tees.

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