As has been rumored for months, Las Vegas will play host to another group of rock legends this fall, when Kiss set up shop in the Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino beginning Nov. 5.

The band's residency, which follows successful stints by Guns N' Roses and Def Leppard, among others, will find Kiss playing on a smaller stage than they're accustomed to -- but co-founder Paul Stanley promises that those who turn out to see 'Kiss Rocks Vegas' will get everything they bargain for and more. "Whatever you're used to with Kiss, this will pump it up that much more," Stanley told USA Today. "If Kiss is on steroids, this is a double dose."

In fact, added Stanley, playing at the Joint for an extended period will allow the group to incorporate new elements into the stage show. "Usually, going into a smaller venue means eliminating things," he explained. "The great thing about going into the Joint, it gives us the opportunity to add. Much in the same way as a Broadway show, when you have a permanent installation, you're not breaking down every night to travel. So we can do things we wouldn't normally do. Here, we're in the enviable position of being able to do a Kiss show that we haven't been able to do. We will pack 10 pounds of gunpowder into a five-pound bag."

"They've got some crazy ideas for what they want to do in this venue. In a smaller environment, doing some of those elements will almost make it like a 3-D atmosphere," teased the hotel's VP of entertainment Chas Smith, adding that Kiss' presence "will encompass the entire property for the month they're out here -- from the performances onstage to wrapping the hotel with Kiss stuff to having team members wearing Kiss shirts."

"Anybody who sees the band sees four guys reveling in the smoke and fire. Every time we hit the stage, it's a victory lap," vowed Stanley. "It's a race that's never over, but it's a race that we continue to win."

Tickets for 'Kiss Rocks Vegas' will start at $49.50 and go on sale July 18 at

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