Former Kiss collaborator Bob Kulick outlined what he thinks the band could do to resolve a merchandising dispute between them.

Earlier this week, Kulick accused his brother, former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick, of “backstabbing” after Kulick Brothers merchandise was put on sale without his agreement. He also described Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons as “dishonorable and dishonest.”

Asked by The Metal Voice how Kiss could go about resolving the issue, Bob replied, “First, I would immediately say to them, as a Grammy-winning producer, ‘Here’s what we’re gonna do. Come to the studio and we’re gonna write a song called ‘The End of the Road.’ Maybe Kiss could win a Grammy, so I would start there. You don’t need a whole record – just one kick-ass great song. I would start there with them, showing me some respect and allowing me to hit home runs for them.”

Kulick added that, second, he "would like to see them have the Kiss extended family onstage on their last few shows. I think that’s what the audience wants – I’m all about the audience. I want to see them bring out the guy who played the solo on ‘Creatures of the Night,’ Steve Farris. … Then I can come out and play ‘Larger Than Life,’ then Bruce can come out and play whatever it is he wants to play. Maybe they can even make a video of it, sell it. Have all of the people from their career onstage. Anton Fig or even Desmond Child should be involved, certainly, singing background vocals or something, since he wrote some of those songs.”

He also provided some detail about the falling out he had with his brother Bruce, following their performance together on the Kiss Kruise two years ago. “My brother was totally intimidated," Kulick recalled. "I said to him, ‘Finally, Bruce, it's taken all this time – we finally found our band. Here's the band to conquer the world with. … We deserve to have our own band. We're stars. You're a star, Bruce, act like it.’ But he has no balls at all.”

Kulick said a “bad and ugly situation” arose from Bruce “disrespecting me and taking my name off of a contract that was offered to us for the Kiss Kruise of last year.”

“We mopped the floor with Kiss," he noted of the Kulick brothers' acclaimed performance. "Mopped the floor with them playing their own songs -- totally kicked ass. I looked to my brother and said, ‘This is magic.’ I then got tours booked for this band. … I had record deals ready to go, even if it was only to play the songs we played on the cruise. Bruce turned all of it all down.”


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