It's a well established fact that Bob Dylan's peerless body of work has had an incalculable influence upon the history of music, and even society in general. But not even such hallowed status has safeguarded his songs from occasional abuse at the hands of countless, well-intentioned but ill-equipped artists who have attempted to re-interpret them.

Artists like decadent pop strumpet Kesha, who was seemingly not content with corrupting thousands of pre-teens with her lurid bad girl adventures set to '80s-flavored dance backdrops, and somehow got it in her hungover little mind to cover Dylan's 'Don't Think Twice, It's All Right.'

A song that first saw release on Dylan's 1963 masterpiece, 'The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan,' 'Don't Think Twice' had already been covered by an astounding number of major artists (and God only knows how many amateurs), ranging from Johnny Cash to Bobby Darin; Elvis Presley to Bryan Ferry; John Mayer to Cher, with just as many excellent as dismal results.

And, in all fairness, there's more to young lady born Kesha Rose Sebert than initially meets (and sometimes hurts) the eye. For starters, she was raised under the influence of an unsuccessful, but accomplished singer/songwriter mother, both in L.A and Nashville; and despite dropping out of high school aged 17 to pursue her musical dream, Kesha allegedly scored an impressive 1,500 on her SATs and tested at a near genius 140 IQ!

All that being said, no amount of intellect can compensate for shallow pretensions, nor the emotional maturity required to get underneath the skin of a Bod Dylan tune. And so, though she was wise enough to leave her dance beats at the door, Kesha's minimalist, almost a capella treatment of 'Don't Think Twice' still ends up warping the original: transforming Dylan's subdued introspection into self-conscious, wounded vocalizing that, as captured with close-miking technique, make you want to hand her a tissue to take care of that runny nose.

All things considered, though, it could have been a lot worse! And while you can't quite endorse Kesha's effort to do 'Don't Think Twice' proper justice, you can at least accept the sincerity of her efforts. So kudo$ to you, Ke$ha, for wrecking an untouchable classic with the best possible intentions.

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