When it comes to rock 'n' roll royalty, few artists are revered more than Rolling Stones guitarist
Keith Richards. So we were a little nervous about including him on a look-alikes feature with King Tut's Grandma, someone who's been dead for thousands of years, but you tell us - do the photos lie?

Last year Richards published his long-awaited memoir entitled 'Life,' and the thick tome did little to dispel the iconic outlaw rebel image he has spent decades cultivating simply by living his. Richards is the ultimate rock survivor, and his notoriety as the "world's most elegantly wasted human being" has led to a running joke that he's a walking dead character, a sort-of mummified form of a person who is lucky for simply still being alive.

Which brings us to the mummy we have above. The photo of the famous King Tutankhamun's grandmother was taken during a display of the royal Egyptian family's mummified remains last year in Cairo, and we couldn't help notice a striking similarity to a certain mummified royal figure in rock.

Don't get us wrong, we love Richards. But the 67-year-old rocker does have many reasons to count his blessings -- and one definitely is that his body is holding up after all these years.

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