So-called "master illusionist" Criss Angel has been referred to as "a poor man's David Blaine," but maybe he's not given enough credit for his visual trickery. Here's one illusion he's been able to pull off with unmatched skill: looking a hell of a lot like Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.

Some people not quite taken by the mystical powers of magic may just simply call Angel a poser and point out that it doesn't take much to adopt Lee's distinctive look: a camouflage army hat, a facial piercing, a few hydrogen peroxide streaks in his hair. The fact that Criss Angel's coloring and facial structure match up quite nicely with the famous drummer's certainly doesn't hurt.

But to others -- those of us blown away when Criss Angel does tricks like walking on water, levitating or making Lamborghinis disappear -- perhaps it is more than mere coincidence. In fact, maybe he has pulled off one of the most amazing illusions all time and Criss Angel is Tommy Lee. Have you ever seen them in the same room?

If so, Las Vegas is the place to be in February, when Motley Crue kick off their residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Feb. 3 at 9 PM, while Angel is scheduled to hit the stage of long-running Sin City show 'Believe' at 9:30 at the Luxor across town. Criss Angel as Tommy Lee in two places at the same time? Now that's a trick worth seeing!

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