Judas Priest released a video for their song “No Surrender,” which is included on their latest album Firepower.

The promo clip was shot in the band’s studio and includes guitarist Glenn Tipton in action, before he announced the health issues that prevented him from taking part in the group's current tour, though he continues to make guest appearances as conditions allow.

“'No Surrender' captures the true metal fighting spirit and metalheads around the world find a united voice within the message of this song," the band told Loudwire. "When you honestly believe in yourself and live your life the way you have the right to, with no surrender, then nothing will ever stop you from living your dream."

You can watch the video below:

Priest recently launched a charity named after Tipton that's dedicated to raising funds for research into a new type of treatment for Parkinson’s disease, which is believed to affect more than 6 million people, including the guitarist. One of the campaign's early offerings includes a T-shirt with the slogan “No Surrender” printed on it. Tipton called it “very appropriate considering the determination you have to summon up to get on with life and beat this illness – it’s the sort of thing that always happens to ‘someone else.’”

Firepower became the highest-charting album of the band's career when it was released back in March. "The mantra we had was ‘classic heavy fucking metal,’" singer Rob Halford said. "There’d be days when the guys would go, ‘Oh, this is a great riff,’ and I’d say, ‘No, it’s not heavy enough.’ With every song, we had to keep coming back to that pillar of dedication.”

Priest are currently touring Europe, with dates in the U.S. alongside Deep Purple starting on Aug. 21 and ending on Sept. 30.

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