A previously unreleased concert performance by former Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord has made its way online, courtesy of a new website set up by Lord's family and friends.

Called 'The Trondheim Experiment,' the show features Lord working with a chamber orchestra at Nidaros Cathedral in Norway on May 24, 2010. Billed as "a celebration of good friends and music" at a venue that Lord credited with changing his life, the recordings are now being offered as "a tribute to Jon Lord, a hero and friend" and "a celebration of a very special concert" that offers fans a chance to hear "an experiment ... new arrangements, new musicians, songs rarely played."

Among the songs performed is the Deep Purple number 'Child in Time,' played here in what Lord refers to as "a slightly more Lordy way than the Purple way -- but it’s pretty much the same." Introducing the song, Lord says, "It seemed to say a lot for a generation, and somehow it still says the same thing. The same stupid things keep happening all over the place. Still, we keep trying, don’t we? Onwards and upwards, my mother always said."

During the show, Lord muses about Ronnie James Dio, who passed away the week before. Dedicating his song 'The Sun Will Shine Again' to Dio, Lord says, "Rest in peace, Ronnie. A fantastic guy with a heart as big as himself. We shall always remember him -- but this is also for everybody who ever felt right down in the ground and thought it’s never going to get any better. The sun will shine again, as the song says."

Lord himself passed away in July 2012, making 'The Trondheim Experiment' a sweet tribute to an artist who remained restlessly creative until his final days. Check out the website -- which also includes behind-the-scenes bonuses and an interview with Lord -- here.