Cue up a Jimmy Page record, and you expect to enjoy a feast for the ears. For his next project, the ex-Led Zeppelin guitarist might also be going after a few of your other body parts.

Speaking with Classic Rock Magazine, Page hinted at what he has in store for his oft-discussed return to solo work, calling it "sparkling" and saying his goal was "stimulating all the senses."

"I'm playing guitar at the moment, because I'm getting ready. I'm starting to get ready," he stated, reiterating that as he's often said, his goal once he finished the Led Zeppelin reissue series was to resume his own career, specifically on the stage: "At the end of that was gonna be what would manifest as me playing live."

Just don't expect a greatest-hits tour. "Whatever I do, I don't want everyone to have made up their mind what I'm doing before I've done it," he warned, although he seemed resigned to the fact that he can't stop people from making assumptions. "I mean, they already have. On the Internet, people are telling me that, 'Oh, you're doing this, and you're doing that,' and I'm -- 'Am I? Just wait and see what I do.'"

Of his new material, Page would say little more than "it will be surprising," and he stressed again that the same philosophy applied to his approach to a live set list. "I'd like to obviously show what I've done along the way, but I'd definitely have musical surprises for people so they wouldn't sort of start yawning."

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