Jimmy Buffett is clearly Number One with his legions of Parrothead fans — but they reportedly have a big problem with Number Two.

The Sun Chronicle reports that Buffett's recent stop in Mansfield, Mass., was marred by "75 to 100" tailgaters who had to be told to tear down homemade toilets — and "officers found seven to 10 commodes left on the grounds after the show." According to the local police chief, while Buffett's shows aren't the only events that end this way, his fan base is the "one primary offender."

"They’re known as a party crowd," said police Lt. Sam Thompson. "I guess they don’t want to wait in line."

Thompson went on to describe the rather appalling solutions some fans have found to circumvent the inconvenience of taking a trip to the bathroom; as the Sun Chronicle's reporter put it, the officer "said a common model is a five-gallon bucket with its rim lined with a foam pool noodle to create a seat. The buckets are usually hidden in 6- or 7-foot-tall tents."

According to the report, Buffett's most recent visit marked the first time local police have tried to combat the problem ahead of time. Police Chief Ronald Sellon, who's quoted as calling the whole situation "unsanitary and just disrespectful," led efforts that included posting a Facebook message warning concertgoers that they'd be expected to use actual restrooms.

Unfortunately, officials can presumably expect to clean up further messes at future Buffett stops. The Sun Chronicle points out that the Buffett fan site Trop Rockin hosted a poll in April asking respondents to list their tailgating "must-haves" — and "makeshift potty" was the top write-in vote.

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