A recent Electric Light Orchestra concert at London's Hyde Park hasn't just re-energized Jeff Lynne about performing live again. He's now working on the first new music from ELO since 2001's 'Zoom,' even as plans are made for North American dates in 2015.

“I had so much fun in Hyde Park with 50,000 people, where I just played in September -- first time I’ve played in 28 years; it was fantastic and I loved every minute -- so I’m definitely gonna come here and play,” Lynne tells Billboard. “I’m working on a new album, and that’ll be involved in the new times when we play.”

Lynne, who performed in London with original ELO keyboardist Richard Tandy and the BBC Concert Orchestra, appeared overwhelmed after the opening performance of 'All Over the World.' "Wow, fantastic," he said from the stage. "It's unbelievable this, really. I haven't done anything like this for so long, I can't believe it."

'Zoom' was reissued in tandem with a long-awaited Lynne solo album titled 'Long Wave' in 2012. He had previously produced just one project under his own name, 1990's 'Armchair Theatre.' Prior to that, ELO scored some 27 Top 40 hits between 1972-86. Lynne hasn't mentioned touring as ELO since 2000.

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