After nearly 45 years as a professional musician, Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the classic Tull album 'Thick As A Brick' by playing the album in its entirety for the first time since 1972. There are very specific reasons that he's touring the album performances under his own name and not under the Jethro Tull banner.

“Back in 1972, when I tried to play 'Thick As A Brick' live on stage in the USA, it turned into the tour from hell. I decided never to do that again.” The quiet moments of the performance left open space for audience members to “hoot and whistle.”

He says that he “couldn't cope with all the screaming and shouting. It made me not want to be in a rock band ever again.” Although he moved forward and continued to make music with Jethro Tull, these days he has the freedom to pick and choose the scope of what he does.

He'll play 'Thick' solo because “the audiences that I attract as Ian Anderson have come to listen to the music and have the sensitivity to keep quiet at the appropriate moments.”