Musician Henry McCullough, who played with Paul McCartney in Wings in the early '70s and has also worked with famed blues belter Joe Cocker, is in critical condition after suffering a heart attack on Tuesday (Nov. 6).

McCullough began his career in a '60s psychedelic group called the People before working a stint as Joe Cocker's guitarist, even performing with the legendary singer at Woodstock. Some session work with McCartney led the former Beatle to invite McCullough to join a new band he was forming, which turned out to be Wings. The guitarist played in that group on such hits as 'My Love,' 'Hi, Hi, Hi' and 'Live and Let Die' before departing, then later released a solo album on George Harrison's Dark Horse Records label titled 'Mind Your Own Business.'

Despite his impressive musical career, McCullough is perhaps best known to most fans for a chance voiceover he contributed to Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon.' His voice is easily recognizable at the end of 'Money,' where he says of a fight he had with his girlfriend the night before, "I don't know, I was really drunk at the time."

Some media outlets incorrectly reported that McCullough died yesterday, but his sister, Rae Morrison, tells the BBC that he is still fighting for his life. "He's a very special person," she states. "We really are very worried for him, his sister is on her way home from Florida and his brother is coming home from Glasgow."

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