George Harrison

George Harrison may have been the quiet Beatle, but he was the most adventurous member of the group. And he was the most underappreciated. In the early days, he was typically given one song per album – a reflection of John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s overflowing songwriting. But by the middle of the ‘60s Harrison began exploring world music, which tied to his burgeoning spiritual quests. They both led him to India, which shaped his music for the next several years. By the time the Beatles broke up in 1970, Harrison had already released a pair of instrumental records. He was the first member to release a solo album, and he was the first to reach No. 1 with a single – 1970’s ‘My Sweet Lord,’ from his three-record set ‘All Things Must Pass.’ Harrison recorded sporadically over the years, releasing eight more albums before he passed away at 58 from lung cancer.

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