Well, that didn't take long: Just a few days after former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash shared the news that he and GNR leader Axl Rose are back on friendly terms, a new rumor suggests that the group's classic lineup may be on the verge of a reunion.

This latest story comes courtesy of Australia's Triple M (via Ultimate Guitar), whose Hot Breakfast show recently featured an appearance from James Young, owner of the Melbourne club Cherry Bar (located on AC/DC Lane, of course).

Citing "a very well informed heavy hitter in the Australian music industry," Young said he'd been privy to "the most amazing rumor" regarding next year's Soundwave Festival. "Now we know that a mystery band has come in and saved the festival, and now owns it, so they they are going to have a big say," teased Young. "So what mega band could it be?"

According to Young's mystery heavy hitter, it's none other than a reunited Guns N' Roses. "I have heard 'fantasized' ... that it will be: Steven Adler, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan, Slash, and Axl Rose, the reformation of the original 1987 Appetite for Destruction Guns N' Roses lineup," he continued. "Can you believe it? It's incredible; I've had sleepless nights fantasizing about it."

We're guessing most Guns fans probably can't believe it, given how often we've heard this type of rumor in the past, and how staunchly the ex-members of the band have refused to reunite when given the opportunity. Still, anything is possible — and with Soundwave 2016 scheduled for January, we'll find out the truth, one way or another, relatively soon.

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