Graham Nash said that a song on his upcoming album addresses his sadness over what Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young didn’t manage to achieve together.

Now arrives on May 19 and includes the track “I Watched It All Come Down,” which refers to “the rock ’n’ roll parade” and how he “watched it fall” and also how he'd “seen it grow.”

“It was about my emotional feelings toward Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young,” Nash told Variety in a new interview. “I reached incredible heights musically with them, and the opposite has been true with them, too – saddened that we didn’t make more music.” He noted that “we do, though, know that the music we did make is the most important part of our relationship. So this is about the thrill of having made music with David [Crosby], Stephen [Stills] and Neil [Young]. I wish it could have continued.”

He also discussed his feelings about Crosby’s January death, after having recently revealed that they had settled their differences and started talking regularly just before his passing. “I’d like to only think of the good times, now. I’ll remember the great music that we made, the fun times that we had,” he said.

Asked to pick a memory of his longtime bandmate, Nash replied: “We were hiking in Hawaii with our friend and tour manager Mac Holbert, and Mac slipped, fell and shattered his kneecap. I watched David carry Mac for almost a mile to get back to a place where he could be medically treated. I always thought that such a moment showed off what a big heart that David had.”

Nash added that plans were underway to pay a proper tribute to Crosby. "Right now, Jan D., David’s wife of many many years, is on the program of figuring out a date for a memorial for David," he said. "She knows that I am on the road right now and she knows when this tour will finish, so hopefully she’ll choose a date that I’ll be able to attend. It’s all in Jan D.’s hands."

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