After taking a 20-year break from solo albums, the Eagles' Glenn Frey is ready to step back into the spotlight -- but don't expect new songs from the man who brought you 'Sexy Girl' and 'The One You Love.' Instead, Frey is delivering a collection of pop standards, titled 'After Hours.'

Frey, who was presumably tired of watching Rod Stewart have all the fun with his 'Great American Songbook' albums, insists his take on songs like 'The Look of Love' and 'The Good Life' is different. "This isn't really a standards record -- it's more about these romantic songs," he said in an interview filmed for the 'After Hours' trailer. "Except for 'Route 66,' they're all love songs. And even in 'Route 66,' love's drivin', and he loves giving directions!"

The new album, due May 8, follows 1992's 'Strange Weather,' which was a Top 40 hit in Sweden. "I'm actually so happy that I didn't make this record until now, because I think I'm matured as a musician, and my appreciation has matured," declared Frey. "This was the right time to do it," he continued. "It was time for me to do something like this. For me, for my parents."

Frey, who also covers 'Caroline, No' and 'The Shadow of Your Smile' on the new album, went on to share his dream of bringing some of the most widely played and recorded songs in American history to a new audience. "My sincere hope," he enthused, "is that somehow, people who haven't heard this music will come across it and be introduced to some great songs."

The 'After Hours' video is up at Glenn's brand new official site, where you can also join his mailing list and buy tickets for his upcoming solo tour, which includes stops in Englewood, NJ and Mashantucket, CT.

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