Former Dokken guitarist George Lynch reunited with Don Dokken for three songs at the end of the band’s set in Biloxi, Mississippi on Mar. 6, in the first of a series of “special encore performances.”

Dokken and Lynch Mob are currently on tour together, with the encore appearances announced in advance. Lynch took part in renditions of “Kiss of Death,” “When Heaven Comes Down” and “Tooth and Nail” at the show, and you can watch all three songs below.

Dokken and George Lynch - ‘Kiss of Death’

Dokken and George Lynch - ‘When Heaven Comes Down’

Dokken and George Lynch - ‘Tooth and Nail’

Just before Lynch took over from current Dokken guitarist Jon Levin, he joked about having appeared on stage without an instrument, saying: “I’m not actually going to play guitar” and adding that he figured he’d just “show up.”

Dokken – still suffering the after-effects of his recent medical procedures, and moving cautiously as a result – explained that the idea of the guest appearances had first come up five months previously. ““I’m sure you all know from the internet that I had a bit of a problem, I had surgery,” he said. “I woke up and I fucking couldn’t walk. I was paralyzed, and that’s the way it fucking goes.” Explaining that doctors had warned him about permanent paralysis, he said he’d replied “Fuck you, I’m gonna go back on tour, I’m gonna fucking sing.” He continued: “George called me and he said, ‘Are you alright?’ ‘Mmm, I’m hangin’ in there.’ So, here we are.”

The current Dokken tour runs sporadically until Sept. 19, with Lynch Mob present on all but two of the 11 dates.


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