Don Dokken believes political correctness has gone too far, and advises his band not to comment on women's appearances because “they'll sue you.”

The Dokken frontman made his claims during an appearance on the Fantasm podcast.

"In the '80s, it was all about girls in short skirts and push-up bras," Dokken remarked (as transcribed by Blabbermouth). "Nowadays, I told the band, I go, 'If a girl comes backstage and she's dressed to the nines, you can't comment and say, 'Wow, your ass looks good in that miniskirt,' or, 'Wow, your boobs are hanging,' something like that. They'll sue you.”

"I mean, this whole PC [politically correct] thing has gone too far," the rocker continued. "If women are dressed like that, you would think it's because they want a compliment.”

Dokken then pointed to Spanish soccer president Luis Rubiales who kissed star player Jenni Hermoso on the lips without consent following Spain's World Cup victory last August.

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“All the coach did is just give her a kiss, a little kiss. And she said, 'I didn't agree to that.' And it's on the news and goes to the government and they fire him,” Dokken contended. “It wasn't like he grabbed her ass or he stuck his tongue in her mouth. He just gave her a kiss because he was excited. They won. And I said, 'Well, wait a minute. In Russia and France, when you meet somebody, they kiss you on the left cheek and the right cheek.' That's just French and Russian culture — and Spanish. So the guy was excited. They won. And the girl goes public and said, 'He shouldn't have kissed me. I wasn't down with that.' And I'm like, 'It was just a peck.' And it's on CNN every five minutes. And they fire his ass. I'm like, for one kiss. That's bullshit."

"Everything is PC,” Dokken bemoaned. “Gotta be careful what you say. You can't say anything to a woman or they'll say you're a misogynist and you're a dog and 'I'm gonna sue you.' I mean, look at all these senators and congressmen that are getting sued because of inappropriate behavior. I'm like, whatever. The world's fucked up. So I tell the band, 'Be careful. Don't say anything about their butt hanging out of their miniskirt or they'll sue you.'"

‘It’s Just a Crazy World Right Now’

Political correctness wasn’t the only part of society Dokken commented on. The rocker also pointed out opioid addiction and gun violence while declaring, “it’s just a crazy world right now.”

“It's like all the demons are coming out and the whole world's a mess,” he explained. “I can't watch the news. Fentanyl addiction, fentanyl from China and Russia. People overdosing. Every day on the news, somebody gets shot. Children are getting… Crazy bastards, these right-wing guys go into grammar schools and assassinate children. That didn't happen in the '80s. I don't remember that on the news — 20-year-old's carrying around an AK-47. What the hell? Everything changed."

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