From the sound of his new single 'Take a Bullet,' Geoff Tate isn't taking his ousting from Queensryche lying down. The new track should thrill fans of the heavier side of Tate's muse with its aggressive guitar riffing, thunderous rhythm track and in-your-face attitude.

'Take a Bullet' is the second single from Tate's forthcoming second solo album 'Kings & Thieves.' What began as a side project during downtime from Queensryche quickly turned into a very public breakup as Tate's band mates first announced a side project called Rising West, then suddenly announced that Rising West would become the new lineup of Queensryche, with singer Todd LaTorre replacing Tate. Tate has also announced his own new lineup of Queensryche.

It's hard not to read that ugly situation into 'Take a Bullet,' both in its fist-upside-the-head musical structure -- which features a slow, heavy drum and bass groove -- and especially in Tate's lyric, which addresses the betrayal of a friend. "I'm just sick of the games you play / You're on both sides of this train wreck / You got no respect," Tate practically spits over a crunching guitar riff. "Can't keep up with all the hoops you're jumping through / Dropping lies but you think they're something new."

Tate's voice is in fine shape, but this isn't a vanity single for a singer to show off; Tate affords plenty of room for every instrument to contribute to the track, and there's a great atonal guitar solo to top it all off. The result is an amalgam of classic heavy riffing, elements of modern metal and a great-sounding production that fans of heavy rock ought to find very satisfying.

'Kings & Thieves' is slated for release on Nov. 6 via InsideOut Music.

Hear 'Take a Bullet' by Geoff Tate

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