Def Leppard's summer touring mates Kiss are going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. And it seems most of Joe Elliott's band would like to join them. But not Joe, who says he has no use for the "board room of faceless tuxedo-wearing morons" who decide such things based on their own determination of what's cool.

"That’s how I see it," the Def Leppard frontman tells Hitfix. "I don’t care about people like that."

Entry into the hall is determined via 600 votes cast by industry insiders and journalists, with fan balloting counting as one of those votes. In recent years, both Black Sabbath and Kiss have found their way in, but the list of hard rock and heavy metal acts who've been snubbed over the years reads like its own Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- from Deep Purple and Iron Maiden to Motorhead and Judas Priest.

That said, the other four members of Def Leppard say they would participate if the induction came: "And I go 'Why? The Sex Pistols told them to shove it,'" Elliott adds. "They say, 'We should, it’s going to be good for our ...' I couldn’t care less. I don’t see where we’re going to sell one ticket more, sell one more record."

And it's not like a nod from the hall is going to change things for him on a personal level, either: "Is it going to pay my mortgage off? Is it going to put my kid through school? Am I going to sleep better at night?" he says. "I don’t give a flying rat’s ass about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

Elliott and Def Leppard will tour together with Kiss this summer, with dates beginning about a month after after Kiss' highly contested induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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