Saying he's "hit bottom" after being sentenced to four years' probation on charges of domestic abuse, former Journey drummer Deen Castronovo has issued a statement apologizing to everyone hurt by his actions.

Castronovo, who was arrested earlier this year and faced a list of charges that included rape, sexual abuse and assault in addition to unlawful use of a weapon, posted his statement at his official site, attributing his actions to a "drug-induced psychosis level of intoxication" and insisting that under ordinary circumstances, he's "an easygoing guy who loves being a father and a musician."

Explaining that after his indictment he entered a treatment program, Castronovo added, "I quickly realized how dire the situation had become. I made a vow to myself and my family to not only stay sober but to dedicate time telling my story, speaking to promote sobriety, being a good example to my sons and advocating for the rights and assistance of domestic violence victims. I hope by telling my story I can help prevent someone else from making the same mistakes I did."

According to Castronovo, he's remained sober since his indictment while continuing domestic violence and drug counseling, and will stay in counseling throughout his four-year probation. He went on to apologize to his former fiancée Deidra, the members of Journey and the band's fans, saying, " I’m sorry I let you all down. I have hit my bottom and I’m taking the necessary steps to ensuring that this never happens again."

Castronovo's career remain understandably somewhat on the back burner at the moment, and no mention was made of any attempt to move forward with Journey or his other project, Revolution Saints. After his arrest, Journey recruited session vet Omar Hakim for their summer tour, and the band has yet to issue a statement regarding any long-term plans. In the meantime, Castronovo says he's determined to make the most of his second chance.

"Had it not been for [Deidra] calling the police and the intervention of the prosecutors I’d probably be dead," he concluded. "I’m going to focus on my family, finding happiness in sobriety and helping others who might be going down the wrong path to avoid destruction. For now I’m taking it one day at a time and looking to discover what new path God has planned for me."

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