Questions about whether Twisted Sister would break up following the death on Friday (March 20) of drummer AJ Pero were more or less answered by Dee Snider. Calling him a "legendary drummer," the frontman said that the band would "probably" continue playing because it helps his family.

A camera crew from X17 caught up with Snider at Los Angeles International Airport, where he was returning home after Pero's death required him to cut his family vacation short. In the above video, Snider made the statement upon being asked how you replace Pero, who joined the group two years before they broke big with Stay Hungry.

“You don't," he said. "Will we continue to play? Probably for his family, because his family will benefit from us playing, financially. [There are] five original members of Twisted Sister, and he's the first one we've lost. And the band is heartbroken."

Pero died of a heart attack at the age of 55 in his sleep while touring with Adrenaline Mob, which he joined in late 2013 (video from his last concert can be found here). He had left Twisted Sister in 1987, but returned in 1997. Snider, who will soon head to New York for the funeral, left with praise for his longtime colleague.

"He's a very underrated drummer, an amazing drummer," Snider continued. "AJ Pero, always remember him."

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