Dee Snider had a big week on the second episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' dressing in drag as part of a 'Medieval Times' show and breaking his finger by falling off a horse.

Hoping to follow up on their week one victory during the second challenge, Dee and the rest of the men's team nominated experienced showman Penn Jillette as team captain. He led them through the creation of a show stuffed with attention-grabbing, kid-pleasing spots such as fire-breathing, motorcycles, and sword fights for the love of "Miss Dee Dee," played by the no-stranger-to-makeup Snider.

During rehearsals, though, Snider had trouble dismounting a skittish horse, and ended up getting his finger bent sideways under the animal's saddle. The show's doctors confirmed pretty quickly that he did indeed break the digit. A lesser man may have packed it in, but Dee declared that the show must go on, and played his role to perfection.

Despite his injury -- revealed as a serious fracture that would require a pin -- Snider bravely stepped in front of angered (and still physically imposing) 'Incredible Hulk' actor Lou Ferrigno to defend Jillete's words and actions in the always dramatic and s--- starting board room.

Snider eventually helped restore harmony to the once-again victorious men's team, but if the week three previews can be trusted,  it looks like he's in for some x-rays and even an operating table next time around.

Watch Dee Snider Dress in Drag and Break His Finger on 'Celebrity Apprentice'