Dave Grohl vividly recalled visiting Lemmy Kilmister at the Motorhead bassist's cluttered Los Angeles apartment. “I was shocked at how fucking disgusting it was,” the Foo Fighters frontman said in an excerpt from the new issue of Classic Rock.

“These aisles of magazines and VHS tapes, stacked three to four feet high, Lemmy sitting on the couch, in his black bikini underwear with a spiderweb on them, after just dyeing his hair black, doing a phone interview, with a video game on pause on the television.”

After Kilmister's interview was over, the metal legend reportedly offered some Jack Daniel's. “It was fucking 11:15 in the morning,” Grohl noted. “I said, ‘Sure.'”

The songwriter also offered some more … colorful … details about the undated encounter, during which they listened to a new Motorhead LP and Dudley Moore comedy cassettes.

“I will never, ever forget every little detail of that day,” Grohl added. “Especially not the black underwear, with a spiderweb and a black widow spider right where the dick is.”

Grohl is a noted Lemmy disciple, having enlisted the musician to play on his Probot side project and appear in Foo Fighters' 2011 "White Limo" video. Grohl also invited Lemmy onstage during an all-star 2015 Foo Fighters concert celebrating the former's birthday.

More recently, Grohl revealed that "No Son of Mine," a song from Foo Fighters' upcoming LP Medicine at Midnight, was inspired by the late Lemmy. "I wish [he] were alive to hear it, because he would see how much an influence he's been to me," he told OK! Magazine.

Foo Fighters have previewed their 10th album, which comes out Feb. 5, with the singles "Shame Shame" and "Waiting on a War."


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