Touring is a lucrative business for many acts these days. It just happens to be most lucrative for the likes of the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Madonna and Bon Jovi. Each of those acts have earned more than a billion dollars from touring since 1990.

These figures come courtesy of Billboard who also note, somewhat remarkably, that 15 of the Top 25 touring acts included feature artists who are now over 60 years old. Who said rock and roll was a young man's game?

Will the popularity of the Rolling Stones ever be diminished? While all good things come to an end eventually, not many acts will ever be able to pull off the impressive numbers that the Stones have over the last 24 years: Over 538 shows, the band has played to more than 19.6 million people, grossing more than $1.56 billion.

Although U2 played to more almost one million more people in comparison to the Stones, they did play eight less shows but still earned a very respectable $1.51 billion.

Bruce Springsteen played more shows than anyone else in the Top 5 -- 727 shows over the last 24 years. He has earned more than $1.1 billion for having played in front of approximately 15 million people.

Bon Jovi's concert attendance of 12.3 million bettered Madonna's by just under 3 million people over 578 shows, earning the band $1.03 billion.

The rest of the Top 25 list was dominated by classic rockers. Elton John is at No. 6 ($786 million), the Eagles at No. 10 ($702 million), the Police / Sting (No. 11, $556 million), Roger Waters at No. 12 with $547 million, Paul McCartney (No. 13, $505 million), Billy Joel at No. 14 with $499 million, Rod Stewart (No. 15, $497 million), Metallica land at No. 17 ($432 million), No. 18 belongs to Aerosmith with $417 million, Fleetwood Mac / Stevie Nicks (No. 24, $349 million) and last but not least in the No. 25 position: AC/DC with $337 million.