You can keep the drumsticks from this year's Thanksgiving turkey, because your friends at Ultimate Classic Rock are following the example set by Aerosmith and AC/DC -- we're going for the thighs.

In this special holiday-themed edition of Clash of the Titans, we're pitting two thigh-riffic rock tracks against each other and letting you determine the winner. It won't be an easy choice, of course; this series is known for making classic tracks battle it out, and this installment is no exception.

In one corner, we have Aerosmith's "Lord of the Thighs"' a last-minute cut for the band's 1974 Get Your Wings LP that ended up becoming a band favorite and recurring staple in the set list. Like a lot of Aerosmith tracks, it's dripping with double entendres, and boasts one of the funkier backbeats in the group's catalog.

"Thighs" was never a single in its own right, unlike its Clash of the Titans challenger: AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long," which served as new singer Brian Johnson's introduction to rock radio when it was released as the leadoff single from their landmark Back in Black LP in August 1980. A Top 40 pop hit at the time, it's gone on to acquire standard status -- and, of course, it contains a memorable tribute to "American thighs" (a line the band were asked about during a Reddit AMA).

So which of our classic rock Thanksgiving anthems gets your vote in this Clash of the Titans challenge? Check out both songs below, and make your choice!

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