It appears that Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood has been instructed to stop trying to get Christine McVie to return to the band. McVie was part of their highly successful reunion tour captured on 1998's 'The Dance,' but opted out when they reconvened in 2003 to work on a new album ('Say You Will') and tour, as has not been back since.

“I’ve had to agree to stop asking her,” Fleetwood told the U.K. Telegraph.

This nullifies last week's news about Miss McVie possibly rejoining the group. “I’m seeing Chris here in London,” Fleetwood said. “And even though she loathes flying and she’s never been back to the United States since the day she left, she is getting on a plane and flying to Hawaii with me." Fleetwood was hoping that seeing the group would re-kindle the desire to back on the road, but it certainly sounds as if McVie has no interest in returning.

In the meantime, the Mac are certainly keeping busy. They are wrapping up work on new material, getting ready for a major tour, and have just re-released their landmark 'Rumours' album in a deluxe package.

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