Then and Now

See the Cast of 'A Hard Day's Night' Then and Now
'A Hard Day's Night' may not have started as a rock 'n' roll movie, but it certainly perfected the genre. Conceived as a day in the life of the Beatles, the 1964 film idealized the Fab Four as music's Marx Brothers who encounter (and often wreak havoc on) various stock …
Focus – Where Are They Now?
Prog rockers Focus are only known to most for their sole moment of chart glory -- 1973's immortal 'Hocus Pocus,' which brought yodeling to the forefront in classic rock. So where are they now?
Steve Perry – Then and Now
When it comes to modern day arena rock, the smooth, sultry voice of Steve Perry wrote the book. The raven haired former lead singer of Journey manned their melodically rocking ship for nine monster albums throughout the '80s and early '90s -- with his elusive mix of sex appeal and that inc…
Angus Young – Then and Now
Maybe it's because he's always bouncing around the stage with the energy of the schoolboy whose uniform he wears, but it's hard to believe Angus Young of AC/DC was born on this day in 1955. So let's wish a happy 57th birthday to the man responsible for some of the greatest riffs …
Eric Clapton – Then and Now
Eric Clapton said he’d try to be our ‘Forever Man,’ so in honor of his turning another year old today (March 30) we’d like to be the first to wish him a Happy 67th birthday. At age 15, Clapton asked his grandparents for help in purchasing an elec…
Then and Now
It’s hard to imagine all the great singers and showman the world could have missed out on in the history of rock ‘n’ roll if not for one Mr. Robert Plant paving the way.
Nancy Wilson of Heart – Then and Now
A big -- dare we say heartfelt? -- happy birthday to guitarist Nancy Wilson of Heart, who turns 58 today (March 16). For more than 35 years now, Wilson and her older sister Ann have endured and adapted to many changes in the rock landscape to remain one of the more popular bands in classic rock.

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