Then and Now

Ringo Starr – Then and Now
Growing up, every girl in the 1960s had their favorite Beatle -- and while drummer Ringo Starr was frequently overshadowed by his bandmates Paul McCartney, George Harrison and John Lennon, he charmed fans worldwide with his sad puppy-dog eyes and funny, goofy personality.
Bruce Springsteen – Then and Now
Bruce Springsteen's latest album 'Wrecking Ball' is burning up the charts -- but it wasn't so long ago that he was just another New Jersey boy scraping out a living in area clubs.
Paul McCartney – Then and Now
Paul McCartney -- excuse us, Sir Paul McCartney -- hit American shores as part of the mop-topped Beatles almost 50 years ago. And music has never been the same since.
Elton John – Then and Now
Dick Clark once famously said, "Music is the soundtrack of our lives." And for many of us, Elton John takes up a whole lot of real estate on life's mix-tape.
Steven Tyler – Then and Now
With Aerosmith now in its fourth decade of existence, Steven Tyler has been in our public consciousness for so long that sometimes it's hard to remember what the rubber-faced singer and 'American Idol' judge used to look like. Let's jog our memories a bit, shall we?