A big -- dare we say heartfelt? -- happy birthday to guitarist Nancy Wilson of Heart, who turns 58 today (March 16). For more than 35 years now, Wilson and her older sister Ann have endured and adapted to many changes in the rock landscape to remain one of the more popular bands in classic rock.

On the left you can see Wilson on stage somewhere around the time of the band's debut album, 1976's 'Dreamboat Annie,' and on the right in a present-day concert photo. We're not fashion experts, but she sure as heck seems to have held onto her sense of style well into her sixth decade. Also, our next phone call is going to be to whoever sells whatever skin and hair care products she's using to avoid the wrinkles and gray streaks seen in past "Then and Now" photos from so many of her peers.

Heart released one of their highest-charting albums ever -- 'Red Velvet Car' -- just two years ago, and already have plans to release a new platter, 'Fanatic,' this October. They will be touring throughout the summer prior to the release of that album.

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